Gratz Arias' work presents a strong sense of self. His bold colors make no apologies for being on the canvas, and his subject matter dares viewers to come closer and take a better look. Upon closer inspection one finds glimpses of his many influences hidden in the depths of his work, such as Van Gogh. But make no mistake, Arias' personal touch and style is prevalent in all his pieces. The subjects in Arias paintings come to life, and one can only imagine the thoughts going through their minds as one stares into the captivating depth of their eyes. Haunting, beautiful, maybe a little disturbing, and most definitely thought provoking, Gratz Arias's work is something that one cannot forget.

Gratz, a symbolist and expressionist, originally from Mexico, is now based in Southern California where he was raised from early childhood. He started painting in 1984 and openly admits that he "had no clue where to start", however it was a desire within him that demanded release. Painted expression moved him so deeply that his need to paint evolved into an intense love of the art form. Gratz gains inspiration from the Baroque and Renaissance periods as well as late 19th, early 20th century expressionists. Artists such as Oskar Kokoschka, Egon Schiele, Picasso, Renoir, Vangogh, and Gustav Klimt are personal favorites. He took a 4-year hiatus in the mid 90's and began guitar instruction. Ideally, Gratz wants to live in Northern Italia and paint for the rest of his life. "Just grow old painting..."


In addition to performing with his various bands, Gratz gives guitar lessons at Gards Music in Glendora, California. If you are interested in expert guitar instruction, send an email to or fill out the form on the right.

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